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Entertaining Educational & Emotional!

Entertaining, YAY! Educational, necessary, and valuable. You may cringe at the word emotional, and that’s ok! Most people do not feel comfortable, excited, or even willing to experience emotions. However, when emotions are recognized and understood, you can learn to act and react consciously. I present and train in an interactive, energetic, relevant, and hands-on way to prevent fatigue, sleepiness, and boredom.

Overwhelm Oasis

Overwhelm left unchecked can lead to stress and fatigue. This cycle, uninterrupted, can feel like life is happening to you, and there is little to no control. Overwhelm may lead to not living up to your potential, or it causes mental and physical health issues. This presentation and training identifies overwhelm in your life and provides coaching, tools and techniques to create your own personal Oasis.

Stress To Sunshine

Stress is productive and necessary in specific amounts at certain times. However, if you are too stressed, you may experience anxiety, depression, anger, acting, and reacting in a way that feels out of control. Stress maybe like a badge of honor for being a good worker or citizen. The reality is the polar opposite. This presentation and training uses interactive guided discussions to solve stress in your life and bring in more Sunshine.

Fatigue Fallout

Fatigue can result from; lack of sleep, stress, overwhelm, anxiety, depression, and medical reasons. The mystery is how to alchemize it into energy! Through hands-on activities, coaching, and self-reflection experiences, you will feel your energy shift and have tools and techniques to increase your power at will.

Kirsty Blattner was our keynote speaker at our EA Chair/Staff Retreat this past Monday.  She was terrific!  She also got all in attendance to participate in some role playing/practice using real issues.  Exactly what we were hoping for to help our Chairs be better coaches/mentors.  I really appreciate your referral of Kirsty to us and understand why you gave her such a strong referral.  

Dave Rust – Rust Management Consulting Inc.

Let’s make training FUN!