Coaching For Youth

Are you a parent or caregiver of a 13-19 year old?

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Stress can be mild or severe. It can be challenging to understand, relate to or know how to deal with it effectively. But, unchecked, stress can lead to mental and physical issues. So I deal with my clients’ stress and start to heal its effects by identifying its origins.


There are many pressures on teenagers that they may not discuss. They may feel like they can’t deal with everything in their lives or cannot do things that others do with ease. Waking up feeling excited or hopeful for the day ahead is vital for health and happiness.


Teenagers that identify as being introverted or different may feel socially awkward or isolated. In addition, lack of confidence or low self-esteem can affect their; social life happiness, health, and grades in school. Improving confidence helps teenagers navigate difficulties in life with calm and consciousness rather than being reactive or passive.

Thank you so much for working with my daughter. She told me you are really helping her. We did not know what to do with her.”

Mother of a client – WI

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