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Alleviate Overwhelm, Stress & Fatigue

Ever experience overwhelm, stress & fatigue?

All of the above is likely if you work in; law enforcement, health care, or teaching. Most people have pressure in life, and most do not understand what it’s like to work in highly stressful situations. In addition, navigating trauma, community opinions, and volatile people takes a toll that’s not always understood, recognized, or supported.


Juggling; your work, politics, co-workers, family, community, mental health issues, red tape, and budgets are just the start of what can contribute to your daily overwhelm. If you were not overwhelmed, how would your life be different?


Working in dangerous, traumatic, and violent areas can cause stress levels that most people cannot understand. So how does your daily stress affect your actions? How does your stress effect you and your family?


Bone tired is an expression that you may experience regularly. When your tank is empty and your day or night is just starting, do you cope efficiently? What is the cost of not being energized or alert while working?


Kirsty asks insightful questions that dig beyond your expressed desires, to your motivation, and taps you into the root source of what will compel you to move forward. Kirsty’s tailored approach, grounding presence and delightful personality will inspire you.

Kirsty emboldened me to breathe life back into my world. It was like she encouraged me to listen to the whispers of wisdom within me. They had been muffled so long, I wasn’t sure they were still there. She invited me to turn towards any glimmer of interest, any spark of light or fascination. She was by my side as I started practicing the art of living again… she heard I used to love to paint and we painted by the lake… she heard my love of being on the water and went to a yoga stand up paddleboard event with me… she continued to inquire about my heart desires and dared me to try, to dream, to be myself.

Before our work together, I was stale. Numb. I felt stuck in the muck of life… responsibilities on repeat. I work in Health Care and was stressed out with work. I was longing to feel alive and experience joy, but felt that life was happening TO me.

Kirsty didn’t change my life. She gave me permission and guidance to change my own. She questioned my limiting beliefs. She helped me step out of my own way.  In just a few months, things I thought were once impossible (e.g., asking for and finding balance in work/life) were coming to fruition. My 65 hour work weeks have dropped to less than 40. Life has more meaning as I make space for the people I love and activities I enjoy. I am forever grateful for having found Kirsty and her presence in my life.

Penny Lau – WI

Kirsty is truly an exceptional rare-find. She is brilliant! I would highly recommend her. I am a wellness coach working in the Health Care industry; and I hired her to work with me. A coach needs a coach too – and she was amazing. I was impressed how she allowed the coaching relationship, and my goals and progress to ebb and flow, as needed. What I loved about working with Kirsty is that she allowed me to be me, to be open, honest, and real. I could tell her anything, and we could work through it together. She presented me with powerful questions to assist me with my ambivalence, and to decide on my own next steps. Through working with her, I discovered a deeper self, and feel inspired to continue on my path!

Deb Lafler – WI

Kirsty is a phenomenal coach, who has helped me become “unstuck” many times over. I’m a speech Pathologist working in the School District and feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Because of her loving and supportive guidance, helping me to uncover all the answers I had within, I was finally able to move forward.

What I love so much about Kirsty is that she is down-to-Earth, fun-loving, flexible, genuine, and authentic. These qualities shine from her so brightly building an immediate foundation of rapport, trust, and confidence. Through her masterful skills and abilities to truly motivate, inspire, and hold me accountability for my own greatness, I was able to achieve goals in a MUCH shorter time than when I’ve done other types of work or techniques (and believe me, I’ve tried it all!!) She really went above-and-beyond to create a one-of-a-kind experience that was completely tailored to my specific needs.

Kirsty had such a natural way of helping me discover what was no longer serving me, so I could reframe it, and let it go. I honestly do not know where I’d be if it weren’t for Kirsty and her amazing gift of coaching to bring out the best in me. She is truly a God-send and I am grateful for her everyday. 🙂

If you are blocked, stressed, frustrated, and can’t seem to move forward with your health or life, Kirsty is your golden ticket to forward momentum, confidence, and feeling your best. She has a gift and everyone who encounters her will be blessed! You will NOT be disappointed!

Carrie Jain – CA

Let’s get you feeling calm, focused & energized.