Aligned Sanctuary

Alleviate Your Stress & Fatigue

Ever experience overwhelm, stress & fatigue?

If you’re someone who second guesses themselves, can’t seem to break unuseful habits & experience stress, you’ve found your coach. I know you have an important gift and purpose to offer and I’ll help guide you to gain clarity around what and how – to achieve your purpose, passion & power.


What if you knew your purpose? How will it feel to have a clear path to do what you were put on this earth do to? I’m here to assist you in discovering your purpose, your path and your worth.


Let’s get you waking up in the morning, excited for life, excited for living on purpose and exhilarated for the work you do in assisting others, to live their best lives.


Imagine feeling powerful, confident and capable to make a decision and know it’s the right one. Experience power that’s in alignment with you and what you need most. When you are powerful, you’ll have the energy & inspiration to help others.

Kirsty is an absolutely phenomenal coach, who has helped me to become “unstuck” many times over. Because of her loving and supportive guidance in helping me to uncover all the answers I had within, I was finally able to move forward and accomplish one of my life’s dreams of starting my own business.

What I love so much about Kirsty is that she is so down-to-Earth, fun-loving, flexible, genuine, and authentic. These qualities that shine from her so brightly built an immediate foundation of rapport, trust, and confidence. Through her masterful skills and abilities to truly motivate, inspire, and hold me accountability for my own greatness, I was able to achieve goals in a MUCH shorter time than when I’ve done other types of work or techniques (and believe me, I’ve tried it all!!) ! She really went above-and-beyond to create a one-of-a-kind experience that was completely tailored to my specific needs.

Kirsty had such a natural way of helping me to discover what was no longer serving me, so I could reframe it, and let it go. In the process, I was finally able to start my business, a long time dream I had always had. I honestly do not know where I’d be if it weren’t for Kirsty and her amazing gift of coaching to bring out the best in me. She is truly a God-send and I am grateful for her everyday. 🙂

If you are blocked, stuck, feeling frustrated, and can’t seem to move forward with your health or lifestyle, Kirsty is your golden ticket to forward momentum, confidence, and feeling your best. She has a gift and everyone who encounters her will be blessed! You will NOT be disappointed!

Carrie Jain

Let’s get you on the right path.